Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A night with Maggie and Nicky

Dogsitting Overnight
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I never had a single pet growing up.
I found a bunny once in the parking lot, but its owner came looking the next day, and there was a turtle that was crossing the road as we drove by, but somehow it died, well, I didn't know what to feed it. But no actual pets that my parents and I picked out and brought home and named. This on top of being an only child of immigrants... if you're a friend of mine, you'd agree, it explains a lot about who I am as a person.
Hence in my imagination and dreams, when I finally grow up and actually own things and take responsibility for them... one of those things is gonna be a dog. I have a few favored breeds but I wouldn't mind a little mutt. I'd let it sleep with me but I will not feed it under the table. And we'd play a lot of fetch in the park and eat outside together as often as possible.