Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A funny thing called Photo Booth... and me

Me again
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So yes, there's this affliction called Vanity: it's a sin, sure, but we all suffer from it. We try to fight it. Well, I do, can't speak for the rest of you.
But reflective surfaces are all around us, they're sneaky, they catch the corner of our eyes and make us stop and turn and look, and look some more and sometimes, even lead us to play with our clothes and hair or worse, make sexy faces for no reason.
As if all that wasn't bad enough, somebody had to go and create this Photo Booth application on all Macs.
How does anyone get anything done with this thing on?!
If you don't know what I'm ranting about... count yourself lucky.


J.P. Chan said...

Someone would say that blogging can get pretty vain, too. That's how I try to run my blog, anyway.

jojo said...

When you comment on MY blog, could you keep the topic on ME?! My Vanity is what we're posting about today.